The Addiktive Games Story:

Founded in 2009, Addiktive Games began as “Pedro Navarro” in Barcelona, Spain. A myriad of different titles were released until success came in the form of a simple bubble puzzle game named Bubble Shooter Free 2.0 in 2011. Now with headquarters in San Francisco and Barcelona, Addiktive Games has continued to follow up this success with Bubble Breaker 2.0, Bubble Shooter 3.0 and now, Babbo’s Barrels.

Fans of Addiktive Games have come to love the simple, yet challenging gaming experience and the community continues to grow worldwide. Addiktive Games rewards it’s players with tons of amazing FREE updates, unparalleled support and an attentive ear to what the community wants.


-The Addiktive Games Team

Get to know the Addiktive Games Team!

Pedro Moreno, CEO & Lead Games Developer

Pedro founded Addiktive Games in 2009 under the name “Pedro Navarro.” Pedro brings with him unrivaled development innovation, programming savvy and the uncanny ability to smell barbeque sauce from over a mile away. Since he was a young boy, Pedro has loved the smell of unicorns as they remind him of the scent of a cloudy morning in Spain.

Brandon Leong, Advisor for Marketing & Monetization

Brandon met Pedro one foggy afternoon in San Francisco and the rest is gaming history. Brandon brings with him a background of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media and the gift of non-stop head-splitting aneurysm-inducing rhetoric that will undoubtedly send Pedro to an early grave. Brandon once had a pet unicorn that passed away due to an allergic reaction to it’s own glitter.

Freddy Mateo, Lead Graphic Designer

Freddy joined the Addiktive Games team early in 2013 as the Lead Graphic Designer. Freddy has over 7 years experience in design, illustration and drawing. However, his greatest talent comes in the form of juggling…in a swimming pool…with his son. Freddy enjoys his unicorn lightly grilled with a sprinkling of black ground pepper.

Xavier Pol Sevilla, Developer (Web)

Xavi has been a part of the Addiktive Games family since 2009 and officially became the primary developer for web applications in March 2013. Xavi is a programming Swiss-army knife and has development skills for both mobile and web. He has the distinction of basically doing everything Pedro does NOT want to do…which is A LOT. Xavi is also the only member of the team that prefers fairies over unicorns.

Carlota Morales, Operations Manager

The most intelligent member of the team, Carlota is also the most important. She has the thankless job of logistics and operations for Addiktive Games. Carlota’s degree in psychology allows her to have complete and absolute control over the rest of the team. Carlota loves unicorns and, one day, would want to fly with these beautiful creatures.

Addiktive Games’ Products:

Addiktive Games’ mission is to make the most engaging and addicting games and applications for mobile (iOS/Android) and web. Our current offerings include:

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